These 6 steps will help any sports organisation get started with social media:

1. Initiate

People are talking about your sport online now. Therefore initiating social media activity should be a priority. This guide will help you get started with Facebook.

2. Benchmark

Send an online survey to your existing members to establish the measures to be used to track the progress of social media initiatives. Ask them if they use social media like facebook and Twitter and whether they would become a fan of your Facebook page if you had one. Alternatively, use the basketballscotland data (from the marketing toolkit) as your benchmark.

3. Profile your social media users

Use the Forrester Technograhpics presentation and Consumer Profile Tool to gain insight into the likely level of social media activity among your members. This will provide a guide as to what proportion of your membership are likely to be broadcasters, connectors, mavens and potential influencers.

4. Self-assess

Consider organisational capacity to implement a social media strategy including available time, staff experience with social media, budget, ability to create content (including video). Also consider carefully whether you want to allow people to post on your wall. Are you ready for a negative post about somebody on your team?

5. Set Objectives

Examples: Positively influence member perceptions by identifying and engaging with hard-core participants and opinion leaders. Increase participation in girls’ programmes by providing content that is regularly commented on by girls aged 15-19 years.

6. Track results

Review site measures (e.g. Facebook stats) monthly, and before and after publicity initiatives.