News broke this week that the management company behind the O2 Arena in London has been appointed as the strategic commercial and sponsorship partner for the new National Arena in Glasgow.

AEG Global Partnerships have deals in place for the O2 in London with brands like and Adidas and will seek similar partnerships for Scotland’s National Arena along with a naming rights sponsor.

As the NBA prepare to stage a game on October 4th at the O2 in London between the LA Lakers and the Timberwovles of Minnesota, news that Scotland’s showcase facility will be tapped into the same business network as other world-class arenas adds to potential legacy of the Glasgow 2014 Games.

Perhaps Kobe Bryant will be seen strutting round the east end of Glasgow come 2013.

But will AEG be able to attract the same big budget brands to the Scottish sports industry?

Are Big Name Brands Coming to Scotland? is a blog post on Sports Marketing Scotland by Simon Turner