How Grassroot Sport Can Go Digital

How Grassroot Sport Can Go Digital | The UK Sports Network.

Here’s a great practical example of social media for grassroots sports clubs in action.


Profiling Your ‘Critics’ and ‘Joiners’

Do you know that one third of women aged 18-24 could be active critics of your sport using social media? Setting up a Masters programme for your sports and want to know what proportion of males aged over 35 years would join your facebook page?

Forrester’s Consumer Profile Tool and the Social Technographics presentation below provide valuable insight.

Governing Bodies and Clubs – Getting Started with Facebook

Step 1: Decide between establishing a group versus a page

Groups are may suit clubs better because they are set up for my personal interaction while pages have more advantages for the more business-like marketing of governing bodies. This great guide details the differences.

Step 2: Log into facebook and set up a group or page

  • Read this how-to guide for tips on making the most of Facebook
  • Identify the ‘connectors’ in your community- the people that always seem to know what’s happening. Make them an ‘admin’ and encourage them to invite their facebook friends to follow you. Your ‘connectors’ could be staff or trusted volunteers
  • Update it everyday with short messages —results, upcoming fixtures, announcements of selections
  • Create events and invite followers – e.g. Camps, fundraisers, workshops
  • Team up with one your existing sponsors to create a promotion exclusively through facebook
  • Agree a policy with your Child Protection Officer over coaches/club officers being ‘friends’ with youth players

Step 3: Utilise the facebook mobile app

Encourage your ‘admins’ to update their profile status with scores and news from games and training

Is Social Media a Fad?

This video from Socialnomics makes a compelling case for the longevity of social media. But, as someone said to me yesterday,  myspace was all the rage two years ago, will facebook fade in the same way?

Word of Mouth and Social Media: What do Scottish sport and American burger joints have in common?

Read this short blog post about how a burger restaurant uses social media to create word of mouth.

How does this work for Scottish sport?

Three things-

1. We could all do a much better job of promoting the good work we do. In the time-scarce environment of Scottish sport too often we move on to the next problem before communicating the value of a completed project.

2. Social media provides a quick,free and easy way to communicate positive messages. No grapling with your website editing software, just text/email twitter from your phone.

3. Engaging in discussion with members on facebook may spring up unexpected solutions or offers of help. “We’re launching a new Active Schools programme – anyone know a good young designer looking for experience in logo design?”

Social Media for sports – two simple guides

How do I link our Facebook page to twitter?

This, and loads of other questions are answered in these two guides –

Mashable – started in 2005 by a 19-year-old Scot. Now one of the best SM sites on the net –

Mari Smith – ABC’s of social media from a social media pioneer